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Who We Are / Who Are We

Immigration and Identity are ever-present and contentious topics locally, nationally and globally. The United Nations International Migration report found that 281 million people live outside their country of origin. Two-thirds of those international migrants live in just 20 countries. Of those 20 countries, the United States is the largest destination, hosting 51 million international migrants in 2020.

As is true of the United States broadly, immigration to Maine has changed over hundreds of years and is still happening every day. This exhibition aims to shine a light on the varied groups of people from around the world who have chosen to come to Maine, and specifically Lewiston-Auburn; why they have stayed (or left); and the stories and identities that make up our community.

The exhibition is made possible in part by the Maine Humanities Council. The MAINER project is made possible by Androscoggin Bank, with additional support provided by Community Credit Union. The identity tapestry is made possible by Berman & Simmons. The oral history booth is made possible by Hammond Lumber Company.

The Industrial Heart: 

Enterprise — Innovation — Creativity

Focusing on the textile, shoe, and brick-making industries, the exhibition featured the core of Maine MILL’s collection—both the objects and the stories of the people who worked in those industries. The show engaged the community and Maine artists to respond to the collection, tying our history into the present and future. Virtual tour created by University of New Hampshire English 510, Introduction to Digital Humanities

Our Working Waterway

An exhibit about the industrial history along the Androscoggin River

This exhibit was on view in our galleries from July 10, 2020 – December 29, 2021. The show explored the history of the Androscoggin River and its effects on the industrial development of many cities throughout Maine. From the generation of water power to the passage of the Clean Water Act, visitors learned how people have used this important waterway to develop manufacturing centers, polluted the river’s waters, and worked hard to clean and maintain the river throughout history.

Click the play button below to start the tour and navigate our gallery to learn more about the history of life, labor, and industry along the Androscoggin River. Feel free to zoom in to read the exhibit labels and click on certain photographs and items to learn more. Photographs of the river were submitted as part of the former Museum L-A’s Androscoggin River Photo Contest held through May 2020. 

This exhibit was funded in part by a grant from the Maine Bicentennial Commission.

All Work and No Play

A virtual exhibit about child labor in Maine

Click the play button to start the tour and navigate our gallery to learn more about the history of child labor in Maine’s cannery, textile, and farming industries. Zoom in to read the exhibit labels and click on certain photographs and items to learn more.